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شكرا لك ​سوف يقوم احد مندوبينا بالاتصال بك


The company began its activity in 1996 in the installation and trade of all types of glass. In 2011, manufacturing started using the latest glass manufacturing technology in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Producing special architectural, automotive, building and household appliances glass. The company has branches that provide installation services.

Amas is characterized by the manufacture of all types of triplex, angel and bus glass
And trucks, side and rear security glass in all colors
Transparent, green, black, in all sizes. We also have face glass for all purposes.
We have:
Glass heavy equipment loader and backhoe.
Glass for the manufacture of household appliances

To complete the development, the factory obtained the ISO 9001 certificate.
Conformance to Standard Specifications certificate (Tuv - Rheinland) 


By developing production, we managed to capture a large share of the local market consumption, in addition to exporting to several countries such as:

Kuwait, Sudan, Jordan,


Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

  • More than 10 years of experience in the field of forming glass

  • All kinds of front, rear and side cars. We passed

  • Customer expectations through our possession of integrated production lines

  • With modern technologies and our interest in training technicians to raise the efficiency of the product.

  • We import raw materials from European countries and we export 60% of our production abroad.


We are distinguished by manufacturing all kinds of glass such as:
We manufacture all kinds of triplex glass, passenger car glasses, bus and truck glass.
Securit glass side and rear in all colors, transparent, green black and in all sizes.
All purpose façade glass.
We supply heavy equipment glass for loaders and excavators.
We manufacture glass used in Home Appliances.

Call us

Third branch

Sharm El-Sheikh, Al-Salam Road, in front of Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital, Al-Nour neighborhood




Second branch

Dakahlia 9, Al-Galaa Al-Jadeed Street, off Abdel Salam Aref Street, behind Al-Mansour Automotive, Mansoura




The main branch

Damietta, Plot 20, Block 15, Extension of New Damietta Industrial Zone




Sales inside Egypt: 01029875511 01010775408

Export sales: 01000750045  |  01001156167

Working Hours:
Saturday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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